Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture


Why use Acupuncture and Chinese medicine?

People come to us for many reasons. Sometimes it is because “nothing else has worked.” Sometimes it is because a friend or family member encouraged them. Sometimes it is because they have witnessed transformation in a friend or family member. Sometimes a physician or therapist recommended it. Sometimes it is to have an understanding of how to maintain better health. Sometimes it is for curiosity’s sake. All are good reasons!

One particularly good reason is because Chinese medicine offers another way of understanding our bodies and our lives. In this medicine, we look at everything in context and every part is interdependent within the whole. This perspective is helpful in understanding the interplay of diet, exercise, stress, the environment, and our relationships on our well-being. Well-being is achieved, then, not by fighting against a disease but by cultivating harmony in our lives.

Chinese medicine, evolving over 2500 years, provides us with a comprehensive understanding of the body. Acupuncture, the use of fine, sterile needles inserted to help restore balance, is a tool and one branch of the medicine. Some of the other branches of the medicine are Chinese herbal medicine, dietary therapy, tai chi, tui na, meditation and feng shui.

We look forward to being your guide through this paradigm for health and healing based on the understanding of wholeness and harmony.