“Acupuncture makes me feel more like the person I want to be.”  -John S.

Not just sinus congestion

After years of frustration trying to control my ongoing sinus and congestion issues, my family and I discussed the options.  They were either Mayo Clinic (and more tests, likely more medications and procedures) or an attempt at the Oriental Medicine approach.  I am so grateful to say that I chose the latter.  

My short time with Susan at Crocus Hill Oriental Medicine has lead me down the most positive healing journey of my lifetime.  One not only of physical healing, which is definitely improving, but one of the most powerful insights to the wellness of my mind and spirit that I have ever experienced.  My treatments with Susan have given me the strength and courage to address an underlying secret kept in my heart since childhood.  This is something that I would have never encountered in the conventional approach to medicine, that’s for sure!  My belief is that as I uncover the truths of my life, my physical wellness will continue improving.  I’m so excited to see where this journey takes me and will continue my treatments eagerly.

Susan Gillette and the entire staff at Crocus Hill Oriental Medicine have my utmost gratitude.


Acupuncture has given me back my life

I suffered from severe menopausal symptoms for nearly two years. I was experiencing up to thirty hot flashes a day. My sleep was interrupted hourly by hot flashes and intense sweating. My hot flashes were so severe that I often became nauseated at the onset of a hot flash, day and night. My libido was non-existent. I missed that intimacy in my marriage. I suffered from mood swings and weight gain. I was exhausted. I tried many homeopathic herbs, with no success. A close friend told me she tried acupuncture with Susan Gillette at Crocus Hill Oriental Medicine in St. Paul. I decided to make an appointment with Susan.

Two months later I am amazed and grateful to report that my menopause symptoms no longer control my life. My night sweats are almost gone and when they do occur, are not as intense. I have some flashes during the day, which I refer to as “warm flashes” because they are not as severe as my previous hot flashes. Thankfully, my libido has returned. My emotions have stabilized. Because I am now well rested, I am so much more in control of the rest of my life and am able to focus on eating well and exercising regularly.

For me, acupuncture has changed my life. Before acupuncture, I thought I would simply have to “tough it out” through this natural life cycle, as most women do. I was prepared to give up on sleep, intimacy, and being in control of my body. Acupuncture has given me back all of the things that I was prepared to give up. I remain amazed and grateful for the healing gift of Susan’s acupuncture.


Migraines relieved

I was slightly hesitant about going to an acupuncturist for the first time, yet I was so tired of looking for answers for my chronic migraines through traditional western medicine. In pain and feeling discouraged from a two month long migraine, I picked up the phone and made an appointment with Denise. Within just a few sessions, my migraines were almost completely gone, and if I do get them (which is rare), the intensity and duration is just a small fraction of what they use to be. I could not be more impressed and grateful for Denise! She is incredibly knowledgeable and professional. She’s very thorough and a great listener, and just wonderful to work with. The clinic itself is so warm and welcoming with an amazing staff.  Thanks so much Crocus Hill Oriental Medicine!

The gift of life

I came to Crocus Hill from a very, very dark place.  Susan’s knowledge and healing hands gave me the platform I needed to initiate my own healing process.  She taught me about presence, about moments instead of days.  She showed me how my nutritional choices affected not just my physical being but my emotional being.  It is not with lightness I say she gave me the gift of life.  My sessions with her showed me just how vital nutrition is for our health as much as our lifestyle, habits, and thoughts.  Acupuncture opened the door into my own healing practice.  Susan, thank you.


Headaches relieved

I’d had a headache every day for three months when I called Crocus Hill Oriental Medicine.  I had heard that acupuncture could help and I no longer wanted to take painkillers just so I could get through the day.  In a matter of two weeks, my headaches were drastically reduced both in severity and frequency. Besides just taking care of my headaches, my practitioner helped me manage my stress and PMS–two things that I had just come to think were part of life.  The key is that she takes the time to ask questions and she sincerely cares about helping me live my life better.  Even when I lose balance a bit with too much sugar or no sleep, I know that she will take care of me without judgment.  Her calming personality and high level of expertise make me trust her implicitly. When I go in I know that I will laugh, relax, and learn something new, and be all taken care of.


Transformation from depression

Crocus Hill has offered me more than just a treatment for my disease. They have given me a lifestyle change. The practitioners at Crocus Hill are amazing, compassionate and caring individuals.

I started looking into acupuncture to treat my depression because I had been on and off medication for the last 7 years and no longer wanted to be codependent on a synthetic drug for my health. In conjunction with my acupuncture, I was given herbs to help speed my healing process and learned an amazing amount about how my eating habits were affecting my condition. The nutrition advice alone has been invaluable to me.

The hour I would spend at Crocus Hill was mine and mine alone, which is a hard thing to come by in today’s age. My sessions were completely relaxing and serene.  I always looked forward to my next treatment.

After 5 sessions I felt an almost sudden and amazing transformation in myself. After 8, I no longer needed treatment. I am once again the happy social person my friends and family knew and loved. I look forward to each day with excitement instead of with sadness and emptiness. More importantly I have found myself and have regained my sense of self worth.


Subterranean anxiety relieved

It’s hard not to use superlatives when talking about Susan and Crocus Hill Oriental Medicine:  most amazing, wonderful, fantastic. It’s also hard not to mention pure, unadulterated love. I love Susan’s compassion, skill, and wisdom, not to mention her gentle manner and terrific sense of humor. I came to Susan a few months ago seeking help with a hernia, as well as subterranean anxiety that was in the way of nearly everything. Twice monthly (on average) sessions with her, along with learning to meditate, have relieved so much of my anxiety. I cannot recommend her highly enough!


Opened up doors to understanding energy, life, peace, and balance

After suffering the loss of a kidney due to cancer, which resulted in some debilitating dietary issues I found Susan through, as W used to say, “The Google.”

I had a specific malady and I wanted a specific cure.  But Susan’s understanding of my health and well-being was much more comprehensive. I truly had found someone who knew more about me than I knew about myself. Unlike many healthcare practitioners who merely do not want their patients to sue them for malpractice and do baseline work to that end, Susan wanted me to heal and then thrive. Susan has taught me how to live with one kidney but also opened up doors to understanding energy, life, peace and balance.

After several years of working with Susan I moved to Los Angeles.  But those 2000 miles haven’t stopped me from considering Susan the primary facilitator of my health and well-being.

~ Ali

You’re not just another name on the schedule

I first came to Susan for my sadness. After the miscarriage of our first baby I felt like I had sunk into a black hole and I couldn’t get out no matter what I tried. After my first acupuncture session with Susan it felt like someone had lifted the fog I was in and the sun came out. I didn’t feel like I was being crushed under a boulder anymore. I can stand up tall, sit straight, and walk with confidence again. I don’t dread going out in public, because I feel like I belong again. I no longer feel like I have cement blocks on my feet, which made every step an exhausting effort. My thoughts have become clearer and it is much easier for me to stay focused on things and concentrate. My vision is clearer and crisp. My hearing is more tuned in. Every breath I take feels deeper and cleansing. Susan has helped me with things I hadn’t planned on her helping me with too. My GERD and asthma have been almost non-existent compared to where they were at before my sessions. Susan has also taught me about meditation. I’m enjoying life with the same, if not more, passion than I did before the miscarriage. I have renewed faith and hope. When I first met Susan I felt instantly comfortable. Her sincerity and caring shine through. You’re not just another name on the schedule.


A better sense of direction for my life

My menstrual pain was so intense that I had to plan around when it would likely come—for work commitments, vacations, etc. After seeing my practitioner at Crocus Hill Oriental Medicine for just two months, I’ve never had the pain again. Not only am I free of that problem, but I have learned so much and, this might seem odd, have a better sense of direction for my life.


All the benefits of acupuncture

I came to Susan because of shoulder pain, which she took care of and taught me how to prevent it from coming back. I keep coming back because of all the other benefits I receive from acupuncture with her. It is amazing!