Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 1.02.01 PMAcupuncture helps moderate the side effects of chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery which can include:

  • pain
  • nausea
  • fatigue
  • neuropathy
  • brain fog
  • hot flashes
  • anxiety
  • depression

We recognize that each type of cancer is unique.  Each person with cancer also has a unique experience and we work with you to support your healing and help you learn as much as possible from your body during this time. We offer nutritional advice, meditation techniques, acupuncture, and herbal formulas to help with the symptoms and with stress while you are undergoing prescribed conventional medical treatments and afterwards to rebuild your body, a critically important time to use the wisdom of Chinese medicine.


After suffering the loss of a kidney due to cancer, which resulted in some debilitating dietary issues I found Susan through, as W used to say, “The Google.”

I had a specific malady and I wanted a specific cure.  But Susan’s understanding of my health and well-being was much more comprehensive. I truly had found someone who knew more about me than I knew about myself. Unlike many healthcare practitioners who merely do not want their patients to sue them for malpractice and do baseline work to that end, Susan wanted me to heal and then thrive. Susan has taught me how to live with one kidney but also opened up doors to understanding energy, life, peace and balance.

After several years of working with Susan I moved to Los Angeles.  But those 2000 miles haven’t stopped me from considering Susan the primary facilitator of my health and well-being.

~ Ali

I first visited Crocus Hill Oriental Medicine on the advice of a friend. Having never had acupuncture before I was a bit apprehensive, but the space and staff made me comfortable quickly. Every step of the visit was explained and I left with confidence in my practitioner and plan of care. Most importantly, I left feeling a new sense of hope.


Throughout my chemotherapy and other treatments for breast cancer, Crocus Hill Oriental Medicine practitioners have been wonderful–intelligent, competent, warm, and fun.  They have gone above and beyond what most care providers would do to help me deal with my chemo, with the severe side effects from tamoxifen, and with other health and stress issues.  The last two years have taught me to appreciate life and health and relationships.  These sessions have been a huge part of that journey.