Anxiety and Depression

Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 12.50.26 PMChinese medicine understands emotions as part of the whole being. Some emotions arise from the physical state of the body, while at other times an emotion influences one’s physical state. If an emotion is very intense or long-lasting, it can cause disease.
For example, anxiety can be related to worry, fear, shock, and a number of other emotions. Any of these can cause the Qi to stagnate. If there is long-term stagnation, Heat can build up in your body–like in a compost pile. Over time, Heat injures Blood and Yin, which leads to a condition called Yin deficiency. Alternately, long hours of work without adequate rest causes Kidney Yin deficiency, which will lead to the Heart not feeling restful and thereby makes a person anxious. Thus, the Chinese medical condition Yin deficiency either stems from a prolonged emotion such as fear, or from a lifestyle such as long work hours that then leads to the emotion.

The approach we take, then, is to first understand the pattern each patient presents. Acupuncture, herbal medicine, food therapy, and lifestyle advice are all part of what might help someone feel less anxiety or relieve depression.



Crocus Hill has offered me more than just a treatment for my disease. They have given me a lifestyle change. The practitioners at Crocus Hill are amazing, compassionate and caring individuals.

I started looking into acupuncture to treat my depression because I had been on and off medication for the last 7 years and no longer wanted to be codependent on a synthetic drug for my health. In conjunction with my acupuncture, I was given herbs to help speed my healing process and learned an amazing amount about how my eating habits were affecting my condition. The nutrition advice alone has been invaluable to me.

The hour I would spend at Crocus Hill was mine and mine alone, which is a hard thing to come by in today’s age. My sessions were completely relaxing and serene.  I always looked forward to my next treatment.

After 5 sessions I felt an almost sudden and amazing transformation in myself. After 8, I no longer needed treatment. I am once again the happy social person my friends and family knew and loved. I look forward to each day with excitement instead of with sadness and emptiness. More importantly I have found myself and have regained my sense of self worth.



It’s hard not to use superlatives when talking about Susan and Crocus Hill Oriental Medicine:  most amazing, wonderful, fantastic. It’s also hard not to mention pure, unadulterated love. I love Susan’s compassion, skill, and wisdom, not to mention her gentle manner and terrific sense of humor. I came to Susan a few months ago seeking help with a hernia, as well as subterranean anxiety that was in the way of nearly everything. Twice monthly (on average) sessions with her, along with learning to meditate, have relieved so much of my anxiety. I cannot recommend her highly enough!


It wasn’t just depression or irritability that brought me in for acupuncture. I was desperate to find a different way to feel better than returning to antidepressants or other medication. I was irritable, agitated, and pessimistic. I had no physical or emotional energy.

To say I felt “better” after my first treatment with Susan doesn’t begin to describe my experience. It felt like the “fire” had been put out, and I was deeply calm and peaceful. My mental chatter was gone. I was really stunned with the difference in my body and mind, which lasted a number of days. Whatever it was that started happening, it was a very positive change.